Sarah Lee

Web Designer

Would you share a percentage of your future product sales with Sarah for a kick ass design?
No upfront payments required.

Small Partnerships, Amazing Products

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  • make friends

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Build your product

Stop wasting time and put your skills to good use. Dust off your old ideas and start building your product today. FwdMarket gives you all the tools you need to connect with people that compliment your skills, track progress and sell your final digital product online, whether it's a new design, a full html theme or a starter kit.

With the right people

Post your project or apply for an open position and connect with someone that shares the same goals as you. Discuss, collaborate, build and test your compatibility with a common goal in mind.

Interact with customers

Sell your product through the marketplace and get instant access to your customers and the level of feedback you always wanted. Start as small as you want and get some early adopters that can help better prepare your product for your target audience.

All for Free

Best of all we don't charge anything for it. Everything is free, from adding your projects, to connecting with developers or designers, to interacting with your customers. We only take a small percentage of each sale you make within the marketplace and the rest is split between you and your team.